Thursday, 10 November 2011

The End of Days

Ancient warriors
life's dusty road
- battered senseless
by winds of change
and motion.
The end of days
are drawing near
as miracles unveil
a deeper purpose
tatty hearts
the dead
- in a single
silvery strand
we stand

The war against self
is finally over.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Catch a Falling Star ...

Recently, I went to watch a play by the local theatre company. Within seconds of entering the building I had formed a twisted opinion of everybody and everything.  Mr ego always gets in there first and when it does the boney finger is usually pointing away from self.  IT doesn't seem  familiar with good ol' fashioned curiosity preferring to make bold sweeping statements about the decline of am dram . According to IT - being right is being happy  However in my experience there is nothing life affirming about being right at the expense of others. It comes at a hefty price - namely peace of mind.

I am a method actor who takes great pride in bringing my characters to life. I see each moment as a golden opportunity to fuse inner emotion with the character. Unfortunately, I am quick to judge other actors for what I percieve as one dimensional performances. In such moments I become one dimensional, because I have failed to remember the truth about self and other. There is madness in my method!

The good thing about forgetting is that it is the springboard to remembering, presenting us with timeless opportunties to see things differently. Suddenley life's theatre isn't so dreary and becomes a friendlier place. Separate characters fall away to reveal fragile souls who have come to planet earth disguised as a body - in an attempt to work stuff out from previous lifetimes. Every soul who walks this earth has an amazing story to tell, and has the unique potential to shine their light.

Whenever I lay down my arms and just let things be exactly as they are there is method in my madness - that method is love. Self development is not about attacking other people so that I can have a fleeting moment of feeling better about myself. That is self destruction, and leads to pain and suffering.

The decision to Heal involves catching thoughts like falling stars, giving them a shining new purpose and lovingly placing them back into the cosmos so that they can help light the way. We are all teaching and learning. Sometimes I am the teacher and other times the student; such is the beauty of the curriculum.

There is nothing more exquisite than a single grain of truth; when a weary brother takes an unwavering step towards another brother, and separate interests fade away to reveal a love so tender that God himself weeps in gratitude.

Painting by Megan Richards
(Megan recently sold the painting  to a concert pianist who specializes in the works of Chopin)