Things I like about myself

1. I like my vulnerability 
2. I like my humour 
3. I consider myself a truthful actor using Strasberg's Method. 
4. I like my openness
5. I like my new teapot and cups because it allows me to connect with others over tea.
6. I like my piercing eyes. It has been said that I have the eyes of a timber wolf.
7. I like my courageous heart.
8. I like my lean muscular physique.
9.I like my honesty.
10. I am friendly with everyone I meet regardless of age, race or background.
11. I have a really nice way of talking to dogs. 
12. I like that I treat people with kindness.
13. I am a cheeky chappie and that makes me brill.
14. I don't take myself that seriously.
15. I like the way I honour my Dad.
16. I appreciate the way I support the people I work with; I look out for them & help them find their voice.
17. I love how present I am when I ride my bike.
18. I appreciate stillness. 
19. I am grateful for the simple things in life.
20. I love how committed I am to making funky photographs.
21. I love my passion for life.
22. I like the childlike way that I write.
23. I like it that I make time for meditation every day.
24. I love my sense of adventure.
25. I love standing like a tree.